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Lecture Slides for the Book of Wright and Ma

by Yi Ma (for Berkeley EECS208, Fall 2021)

Guidelines: The lectures are for a four-unit, one-semester, fourteen-week course, and each lecture is for one and a half hours. The lectures follow generally the same order of the book chapters. They are intentionally organized into several modules, so that future instructors can easily customize them to courses with different focus, length, and depth. Please contact Yi Ma if any instructors like to obtain latex files of the slides editable for their own lectures.

Now, be prepared for a journey from high-dimensional to low-dimensional, from linear to nonlinear, from convex to nonconvex, from shallow to deep, and from theoretical to practical. Or, at a more technical and computational level, this is also a journey from L0, to L1, and to L4, from rank, to nuclear norm, and to coding rate, and from one subspace, to multiple subspaces, and to multiple submanifolds.

Notes: Slides for Lecture 12A, about analysis and proof of Principal Component Pursuit, are based on jamboard notes from Professor Jiantao Jiao. Lecture 12B is about extentions and generalizations to PCP. Lectures 21 and 22 share the same (long) deck of slides. (This version was last updated on 2021-12-28.)

Additional notes for discussion sessions of the course (administered by teaching assisant Simon Zhai):

Additional presentations and guest lectures (by the teaching staff or colleagues):

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